Yogan + Mohana | Unique Wedding

Unique Wedding

Yogan + Mohana | Unique Wedding

Unique Wedding

When they say that love conquers it all, it definitely is true! Love overcomes all barriers and that includes color, culture, age, height and even any form of fear!

A perfect example is shown by our recent couple, Yogan and Mohana. This amazing and adventurous love birds decide to plan for a Unique Wedding in heart of Georgetown, Penang.

What better ways than to say your vows and sign the deed up in the air! To be precise, it is 239 metre above ground! This Unique Wedding takes place at a recent attraction of Penang; The Top Komtar.

The GravityZ is an alfresco rooftop on the 65th floor of The Top. It is literally out in the open and makes your knees jelly if you are someone who doesn’t prefer heights. With that said, Mohana who has a fear of heights, decides to conquer her fear to marry her lifetime partner! Ready in safety gears, both Yogan and Mohana along with their witnesses and the Registrar are all smiles.

Not to forget, our photography crew and their videography crew has to brace through our own fear as well! As the signing takes place, close family members and friends witness on from the inside through panel glasses.

Everyone is pretty much excited and anxious at the same time for the loving couple! The greater the power of love, the better one becomes in overcoming any personal fear.

Mohana even takes on all the rope challenges of The GravityZ! The panoramic view is simply breathtaking and you can never top a romantic wedding that literally lifts your feet up!

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