Andrew + Liz | Wedding Photo Booth

On October 9, 2014

Wedding Photo Booth

Thinking of creating a buzz of excitement among the guests during your wedding ceremony or reception? You may think that, the fact that you are marrying the love of your life and being witnessed by close friends and family is already the highlight and excitement of the day. How about adding a touch of personalization and one which everyone will remember? Here at MomentoWedding, we are proud to introduce the idea of a wedding photo booth that will reap many fun and laughter shared among your guests! Andrew and Liz have experienced this fun side of their wedding when they engaged our wedding photo booth services. During the wedding photo booth, guests lined up to have their fun photos taken. They get to pick from an array of interesting 2D and 3D props to post with when their photos are being snapped. Photos are then printed instantly! Guests of Andrew and Liz get their buzz of excitement in seeing their happy and fun poses being printed on the spot. To top if off, this live print photo booth was ongoing for the whole night so guests had the opportunity to keep coming back and had as many photos taken as they liked! It was such a joy watching these guests enjoying themselves that Andrew and Liz did not miss out on the fun too. They joined in with their close family and friends to have a fun photo sharing session. The best part of this wedding photo booth is that, guests got to keep the photos as momento and keepsake! This could be an alternative as your wedding favor.
Our Crews
Main Photographer: Vernon Kong
Assistant: Kat Leong
Equipments used to cover Wedding Photo Booth:-
– Theme Backdrop
– Customized Props
– Studio Lights
– Unlimited Prints With Designed Photo
– High Resolution Digital Pictures
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