Terms & Conditions

  1. Client is entitled for a one time service only.
  2. Price quoted is based on the request(s) and requirement(s) of individual client.
  3. Price stated in this quotation is strictly for client only as named in the quotation. Under no circumstances shall this quotation be circulated or use as reference by any other party.
  4. Prices stated will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance. Momento reserved the rights to adjust the price as quoted after the time has lapsed.
  5. Should the client wish to make changes to the initial agreed photoshooting dates, Momento has to be informed at least 60 days ahead of the rescheduled date.
  6. Photo products will be delivered within 30 to 60 days after the date of photo shoot/ selection.
  7. Momento shall not be responsible and/or liable for the client’s safety and/or damages and/or any other unforeseen circumstances in the course of our work.
  8. Momento will not be held responsible for lack of coverage resulting from weather conditions or schedule complications caused by, but not limited to, anyone in or at the event, or by any institution restrictions. Due to the fact that wedding and social events are uncontrolled events, Momento is not able to guarantee any specific shots and poses and final outcomes.
  9. Photos taken during the event will be at the discretion of Momento but all efforts will be made to fulfill the client’s requirement(s). Kindly note that these requirement(s) are to be highlighted clearly prior or during the course of event.
  10. Momento shall endeavor to capture all individuals and moments throughout the day as they occur, and as requested by the client at some point during the booking. However, no responsibility will be taken by Momento in the event of leaving somebody out or any unforeseen/unpredicted moments due to the nature of an uncontrolled event.
  11. In the event that Momento is unable to execute this agreement due to injury, sickness, fire, floods or any other causes of Mother Nature, failure of transportation and equipments, or any other causes beyond the control of any parties, Momento shall return the deposit made but shall have no further liability with respect to the agreement.
  12. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photos are damaged in processing, lost in shipping, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on part of Momento.
  13. In the event that Momento team fails to capture individual or moments (as requested by the client prior or during the course of event) due to faults on Momento’s part, any compensation will be provided at the discretion of Momento. A request for partial or full refund by client will not be entertained.
  14. Where applicable, the client shall bear the cost incurred for the repair or replacement of any of our lost item(s) or damages inflicted or done to the outgoing rental of our item(s).
  15. In any event of loss of photos due to technical issues or other unforseen circumstances, full amount of the package will be refunded to client without interest within 30 days from the date of event.
  16. Upon confirmation of this quotation and or services as requsested, client is required to pay deposit at least 1 month before the date of event and/or appointment of a minimum of non-refundable RM1,000 for each wedding package. The balance is payable at least 7 days prior to completion of job.
  17. Momento may use client’s photos for competition, enchance marketing awareness and or other marketing involved purposes, unless client have objection upon confirmation.
  18. Refund will not be entertained if the team is not able to deliver Same Day Edit Slideshow on the wedding day due to time constraint.
  19. You are bound to comply with the Covid-19 Standard operating procedure (SOP) set by the Government of Malaysia at all times.
  20. You shall be at all times indemnify and keep us indemnified against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, damages and cost of whatever nature that may arise as a result of your breach of the SOP herein.
  21. The parties shall be released from their respective obligations in the event of national emergency, war, action or inaction of government, regulation or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the parties or either of them renders the performance of this Agreement impossible whereupon this Agreement shall terminate and the provisions of clause shall have effect.
  22. By executing this agreement and/or payment of deposit, client has agreed to the mentioned terms and conditions and also acknowledge that all terms and conditions are read and understood by client.
  23. Momento reserves the right to amend and/or terminate any terms and conditions at any time and client will be notified accordingly.
as amended Nov, 2020

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