Jun + Anna | Garden Wedding

On November 3, 2016

Destination Wedding in Penang

Many couples nowadays have opted to walk down the aisle at a place that is other than home. As long as the venue is beautiful and among the right group of people, it will be perfect!

Nothing else matters more than celebrating your special occasion with those whom you love. Thus, many choose to plan and organize for a destination wedding. Our lovely Penang island is now one of the top destination weddings since recent years!

In relation, Jun and Anna is one of those couples who have their hearts set on a Destination Wedding in Penang. They walk down the aisle and emerge as husband and wife in the beautiful venue of Parkroyal Penang Resort. In fact, the perfect weather and a beautiful garden set up on that day has allowed them to exchange their vows.

Clear blue skies and greenery lush of the trees speak for itself and many have witnessed their love. Besides that, one of the many upsides of a Destination Wedding in Penang, is to see many friends and family from different countries come together.

Jun’s group of Groomsmen are definitely a bunch of sporting and relentless gentlemen as they are put through a series of test. Of course, Anna’s beautiful and wise group of Bridesmaids have arranged for these tests.

In conclusion, everyone have enjoyed a great laugh and felt the warmthness of such a joyous occasion!

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